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Learning and Teaching

At Murdoch University, we strive to provide an outstanding educational experience for every one of our students.

哪里可以买lol比赛压注Our courses, teaching facilities, support services and academic leadership programs are all designed to fully engage our students and provide them with an integrated learning experience that prepares them for the future – either in full-time employment or further studies.

Teaching facilities


The campus experience

We offer world-class teaching facilities哪里可以买lol比赛压注 for all students across our campuses in Western Australia and globally.

哪里可以买lol比赛压注Our campus facilities are fully-operational. From our Engineering Pilot Plant to our Nursing Simulation Wards, electronic Moot Court, broadcast TV and Radio Studios, and practicing Veterinary Hospital, Murdoch students gain hands-on experience and service our local communities as part of their education.


The digital experience

In an increasingly digital world, we’re extending our offering of flagship courses and units to students who wish to study online, or combine campus-based learning with online studies. We are also partnering with a global online learning platform to enable students across the world to study with us.

Student learning and support services


Resources and services

Murdoch’s student support services are designed to recognise the needs of our students as individuals.

哪里可以买lol比赛压注We offer free workshops, online toolkits, study-skill modules, peer and academic coaching and professional consultations to help students succeed at university.

哪里可以买lol比赛压注We aim to empower our students with professional support and career advice, and help them build academic, social and life skills.


Inclusive education and support

Murdoch is committed to giving every student the opportunity to succeed at university, whatever their background.

We offer a range of enabling programs that provide pathways for students into tertiary studies, preparing them with the skills they need for university.

Our Kulbardi Aboriginal Centre is a cornerstone of our commitment, providing a vibrant community where Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students can access the academic and social support that will empower them to succeed in higher education.


哪里可以买lol比赛压注Murdoch’s innovative curriculum offers courses that provide students with disciplinary expertise, alongside career skills and research knowledge.

Career-based learning underpins all our undergraduate courses from the first year of study. We run unique units, programs, and seminars for postgraduate coursework and research students, to arm them with the knowledge and skills required for their advanced levels of study.

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Career opportunities

哪里可以买lol比赛压注Our courses are designed in partnership with industry and professional bodies. This provides our graduates and their employers with career opportunities designed for the future.

While studying a course at Murdoch, students also have access to Work Integrated Learning哪里可以买lol比赛压注. Undertaking a work placement or internship in this program allows our students to work with business and industry before they graduate, preparing them for the workforce.

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Academic Leadership

Centre for University Teaching and Learning

Murdoch’s academics have substantial professional experience alongside their expertise. 
哪里可以买lol比赛压注Learn about how our educators deliver .

The VC’s Awards

哪里可以买lol比赛压注We recognise that high quality teaching is central to student learning. our teaching staff, recognised for their commitment to excellence.

Meet our Colleges

Murdoch University’s subjects rank among the best in the world. Our two colleges (College of Arts, Business, Law & Social Sciences and College of Science, Health, Engineering & Education) deliver excellence across our study areas.

Our organisation comprises people who are committed to Murdoch University’s success.

At Murdoch, we’re always striving to shape the world through our leading education and research.


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Take an interactive tour of our Perth campus and immerse yourself in its beautiful, natural surrounds and vibrant culture and community. Tour Perth Campus 哪里可以买lol比赛压注