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If you’re applying to Murdoch as an international student, you may need to apply through an agent.

哪里可以买lol比赛压注Students applying to Murdoch under a Streamlined Student Visa Framework (SSVF) may be required to apply through an agent. At Murdoch, we have a global network of agents available to help you find the right course and assist you with your application.

If you are from Bangladesh, Bhutan, Ghana, India, Iran, Iraq, Kenya, Lebanon, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Rwanda, Turkey, Vietnam or Zimbabwe you must complete the following steps as part of your application:

If you are from China or Sri Lanka, you must also complete a Genuine Student Evaluation Form. You can then apply through an agent, following the same steps as above, or online. 

Any international students not from the countries listed can apply directly to Murdoch online

Check out our International Students哪里可以买lol比赛压注 section for information about moving to Perth, your student visa, accommodation options and more.

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